WE ARE CLOSED.  (Read more below.)

RVMatchMaker.ORG is a matching platform that was created to help reduce COVID-19 infection for frontline worker families and immuno-compromised individuals by matching them with unused RVs to self-isolate and avoid the medical and financial consequences of infection. This project is in response to a need that is underfunded.

Our self-serve platform empowers people to find solutions to their self isolation needs which optimizes resources for all –– from taxpayers to RV owners to frontline workers –– while improving the overall health of the communities served.

There are many people and businesses to thank for donating their time, tools and expertise to make this project happen. It would have been impossible without them. Their contagious optimism and persistence through the development obstacles are deeply appreciated.

Together we created a platform like no other, with rich content and enormous potential to help people thrive that are challenged by biological threats.

The economic impact of hospitalization or long COVID, which can financially be financially and emotionally devastating, affected a lot more than the 600,000+ people who lost their lives.

By facilitating the free exchange of information, we can help with affordable secondary housing for self-isolation and potentially avoid devastating medical bills or death from biological threats.

There were serious survival challenges that the founder faced that made it extra-ordinarily difficult to support the project within the time frame that the public needed it.  In spite of that, she pushed forward to co-create it with beautiful and talented hearts that shared this dream.

We were all volunteers on this very noble journey. There is a lot of love and effort in this project. Together we learned and tried new things. We dared to be innovative. Seeds were planted as a result.

There is a legacy that is remarkable and I’m confident that because we dared to do this, that good will continue to come from this in ways we could not anticipate.

To each of our team members, thank you for your presence, your contributions,.. and your heart. Being part of such an effort during COVID speaks well of your character. I hope that this gives each of you that little extra boost in your life journey that you so richly deserve.

This platform has rich content and functionality that has been removed.  We may re-launch again someday.

However this journey goes from here, we wish you well.

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