RVMatchMaker.ORG is a matching platform that helps reduce COVID-19 infection for frontline worker families and immuno-compromised individuals by matching them with unused RVs to self-isolate and avoid the medical and financial consequences of infection.  This project can save lives in response to a need that is underfunded.

Our self-serve platform empowers people to find solutions to their self isolation needs which optimizes resources for all –– from taxpayers to RV owners to frontline workers –– while improving the overall health of the communities served.

Even with the distribution of the vaccine, frontline workers continue to be at an elevated risk. Thankfully we are seeing a diminishing need just like we did last spring, so we are waiting to see what happens and remain open to serving the frontline.

With the economy resuming normal activity, we believe we need to shift our focus and resources from the highest risk vector to creating a bubble around those needing protection, such as the immuno-compromised.

There are many people and businesses to thank for donating their time, tools and expertise to make this project happen.  It would have been impossible without them.  Their contagious optimism and persistence through the development obstacles are deeply appreciated.

We are offering our service in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento area and can expand beyond in a few weeks.

We have years of RV experience in the firestorm context and dedicated volunteers / interns that have abundant enthusiasm to serve.   This platform works like a dating application, with the benefits of privacy and educational material to facilitate a successful match.  We are giving you the tools needed to empower someone in need to find solutions to their self-isolation needs at no charge.

To learn more about participating on this platform, please follow the links RV Borrowers, RV Hosts or RV Owners.

We wish you well,
~ Your Friends at RVMatchMaker.ORG

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