RVMatchMaker.ORG is a matching platform that connects frontline workers with unused RV’s to self-isolate and protect their families from medical and financial consequences of infection. Vaccines have greatly reduced frontline burden, but it did not eliminate it.

Pregnant and immuno-compromised individuals still need protection.  Additionally we are very concerned about the newly discovered Bay Area double mutant from India.  At one hospital in New Delhi this week, 37 doctors got this “double mutant” and 5 had to be hospitalized. (All were double vaccinated.)  With the close economic ties the Bay Area has with India, the  protection we can give to frontline families will become even more valuable. (Hospitals are reaching capacity in Mumbai. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiiZjNRMzwM  The nurse at the end is heartbreaking.)

And further breaking news on April 13:  The FDA just paused the J&J vaccine.  That represented 200 million doses or nearly a third of our supply contracted by the US Government.  So far 7 million doses of J&J has been administered.   This will impact the projected recovery timeline.

We have years of RV experience in the firestorm context and 9 dedicated volunteers with abundant enthusiasm.   This platform works like a dating application, with the benefits of privacy and educational material to facilitate a successful match.

Please register below if you work in a facility that treats COVID-19 infections and need an RV to self-isolate.


We are starting our offer in the San Francisco Bay Area before opening it up to the general public.  We are organized by county (Jurisdiction Having Authority), are prepared to initially serve the state of California and could go beyond that, if the circumstances merit support before the pandemic ends.

The population we serve is limited to healthcare and support workers at active COVID-19 treatment facilities. Our non-profit charter does not allow us to house people who would be un-housed otherwise.


There is significant work behind this platform and we think RV Owners will be delighted by the attention detail, as well as our depth of knowledge and expertise.  Remaining content is extensive which includes advice on utilities, zoning, insurance, RV care and maintenance and being good neighbors –– as well as detailed suggestions on screening, applications and creating agreements.

We will not be a party to the agreement.  Much like a real estate property rental, you will need to do your own due diligence in creating a mutually satisfactory arrangement.  If you have rented property before then that part of the process will be familiar to you.

We have many partners to thank for graciously believing in us and offering their time and resources. We look forward to introducing you to them soon.


If an RV is needed or you wish to host or offer one, please register using the contact form below.  While our platform is designed to be self-serve, we wish to understand the context of your situation, so that we will be better prepared to respond to more people like you in California with grace and efficiency.

We can and should reduce permanent financial harm and death for those serving on the frontlines.
Every moment counts and you can make a difference!

We wish you well.
~ Your Friends at RVMatchMaker.ORG
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