Learning about RV living is fundamental to success.  It is important that you learn about utilities, parking and risk management for RVs so you will be more prepared when you meet your new RV friend.

The following are the common topics to consider:

  • Risk Management & RV Owner Insurance: Risk management involves not only insurance, but also the behavior you adopt to minimize your risk.  For example, having a policy of not allowing a borrower to drive your RV will dramatically reduce your risk exposure.
  • Locations for Parking/Hosting an RV: We recommend that you find private property that will only host 1 RV, preferably your own. If there is more than 1 RV, be sure it is zoned for RV and mobile home use.
  • Utility Set-Up & Maintenance: Being off the power grid isn’t recommended because batteries can be drained quickly, even with mild electrical usage. Also, due to summer A/C requirements, being off-grid in most climates isn’t likely to be comfortable.  Usually, a garden hose is used to provide fresh water.  Water delivery is very expensive and runs about $150-300 a delivery.  Septic pumping would not be unusual and runs about $60-300 a month depending on frequency and prevailing costs.

Topics related to screening and agreements will be covered in another section of this website.