Dealing with Utilities (Fresh Water)

3 Options for Fresh Water

  1. Public Water
  2. Private Well
  3. Water Delivery

3 Options for Fresh Water

Essentials of Public Water

The water quality is generally going to be good.  See information below about maintaining your fresh water tanks.

Essentials of Private Well

If on a private well, it is not recommended to drink well water without knowing its status, especially if it has an unusual taste or odor.  Ask about the water system status and be prepared to use bottled water if you feel it is necessary.

Essentials of Water Delivery

It is not recommended, unless you do not mind spending several hundred dollars a month on water.  As a rule of thumb, no matter how good the water quality is from, a well or public source, it is not recommended for drinking or cooking.  This is because the water from holding tanks and hoses could have bacteria in it.  Using bottled water is a better choice regardless of your fresh water source.

Important Maintenance Issues You Must Know About

An RV may be connected to a standard outdoor hose bib. Water pressure can vary, so plan on using a water pressure regulator to avoid damage to your water pipes, which is more fragile than in a house.   If you don’t have a water pressure regulator, then just fill your tanks periodically.

Cleaning your freshwater systems prior to occupancy is advised to ensure cleanliness of the water supply. This is done by diligent RV owners periodically. You should also add an in-line filter to help keep your incoming water supply a bit cleaner.

In many areas, particularly on wells, the water has a high mineral content. You will want to flush your hot water tank annually to avoid the minerals eating your tank and destroying it. (This is a very expensive and time consuming repair that can damage your subfloor too.)

In preparation for winter temperatures, it is also advised that you wrap insulation around the hose and all connections above ground when night temperatures fall below freezing. Otherwise, you will break connections and have an unusable hose-line.