Thanks for visiting.  RVMatchMaker is closed.  There’s a lot that we could tell you about our strengths and achievements that can be utilized in the future.

We developed a scalable matching platform to match high risk individuals with unused RVs to self-isolate and potentially avoid devastating medical bills or death from SARS-CoV-2.   We also had an insurance company that could offer affordable insurance which was the Achilles heel of anybody else attempting to do this.  Commercial rates with coverage that is inferior to consumer rates at over $1,000 a month is a deal killer for most who are already paying for housing that they are sharing during the pandemic.

We have some uncovered expenses and fundraising has not been a focus at all due to competing priorities.  In spite of our tiny budget, our capacity to scale was promising.  The only reason the project didn’t launch was because of the founder’s personal circumstance.  Without her the project would not have existed at all.  Our content and capability will remain, just in case someday we need to try again.

Here’s a few videos to show you what was going on behind the scenes.  If you wish to help the founder with expenses, please see the links after the videos.

This is a message from the founder about why she created RVMatchMaker.ORG

This video gives you a peek of what our software application looked like

This video gives you an idea of what the content on our platform was like

You have 2 options to support the project and the founder:

  1. Non-profit donations for RVMatchMaker ONLY:  We have a delightful non-profit fiscal sponsor, , that helps us make this project possible to serve the community under charitable status.    IOBY will receive and disburse funds through our dedicated  RVMatchMaker fundraising page on their platform.
  2. Non-deductible donations for the founder of RVMatchMaker:  If you wish to donate to the project founder’s personal account for medical and moving expenses, which are far more significant, you may learn more about that here.

About Our Budget

Our expenses from conception until present are $2,397.74.   As of the end of July we have raised about $740 and have another $1,700 to go.

In addition to the above, we are adding $75 was added for our fiscal sponsor fee.  That is a generously low fee for the quality of support they offer us!  We love IOBY~!) So, $2,472 is our total fundraising goal.

We are committed to transparency.  We do not wish to acquire funds we cannot account for on this project.  When we have full coverage for our platform expenses,we will update this page and close the fundraiser.

To date we have had significant in kind donations and offers for donations. We have utilized $5,000 in in-kind donations and have another $10,000 in donated services which are available to utilize, including state ID verification, if needed.

Click here to donate: donate now, click here.