About Our Non-Profit Status

We are a fiscally sponsored project of IOBY.org, which means we have non-profit 501(c)3 status. “IOBY” stands for “in our backyards,” but it also stands for taking care of each other, for civic participation, and creating positive change in our neighborhoods.  They receive and disburse our donations.

We are proud to be sponsored with such amazing change makers. As our carefully chosen partner, we believe they can help us optimize the resources you offer us. Not only do they provide us administrative services for a very affordable rate, but more importantly, they give us more time to achieve our mission.

To donate, please visit our campaign page at IOBY

In case you were wondering why our fundraising goal is so modest for such a big project, our budget is managed in phases, 30 days at a time. As such, when we raise the funds we need for the first 30 days, we will close that campaign and start the next month’s campaign.

To learn more about the delightful team at IOBY
that helped make this sponsorship possible, please visit this link.

Erin Barnes, Founder of IOBY, was a part of the inaugural class for the Obama Fellowship. She was one of the prestigious 20. Kimberly Carr, Founder of RVMatchMaker.ORG, also submitted an application. Although she was not awarded the opportunity, Kimberly is honored to have partnered with an organization founded by someone as esteemed as Erin.

Below is the video Kimberly submitted with her application to the Obama Foundation. She had limited skills making videos, and at the time was only a year into her journey to learn how to create more possibilities for disaster resiliency in communities.

This video was filmed with fellow fire survivors on the one-year anniversary at ground zero of the Valley Fire of 2015 in Lake County, California.