RV Parking On The Street or Totally Off-Grid

Sometimes parking on the street is your best option. If you are borrowing an RV, this solution is NOT recommended. RV BORROWERS should NOT be driving an RV because they risk damaging it and may not have insurance to cover collisions.

That being said, if you have insurance and no other option, be prepared to move every 3 days. (72 hours)

Getting your tanks dumped regularly is going to be your first utility concern and the RV will quickly become unlivable without this service.  You will generally need to go somewhere to empty your tanks weekly by driving it to a dump station, but alternatively you may get a pump service to come to you.

There could be scenarios where someone would want to park an RV at a healthcare facility parking lot. This is better than being parked on the street, but this scenario is also unlikely to have any utilities.

These are a list of concerns I have with relying on generator and batteries:

  • Generators cost $3-5,000 so you don’t want to over-use it and break it, especially if you don’t own it.
  • You will prematurely age your house batteries if you frequently drain them completely.  That is likely to happen unless you have solar and extra batteries or a generator to recharge.
  • When an A/C is needed, a generator is absolutely required.
  • You will have to check the oil level regularly on the generator and change the oil every 250 hours or less.  If not, you could damage it by overheating the engine or throwing a coil.
  • Additionally the noise of the engine can be a nuisance. Be careful so you don’t damage the generator or piss off a neighbor.

Please review and consider your other placement choices here.