Want to Help Contain COVID-19?

RVMatchMaker Angels like you can increase the odds of matching successes between frontline workers and RV Owners by RVMatchMaker.org posts on social media. Matching frontline workers to RV owners is integral to our mission to reduce COVID-19 spread to a frontline worker’s family members. Even though vaccines are being distributed to frontline workers and those at high risk of developing severe COVID-19, we are several months away from reducing significant viral spread.

RVMatchMaker angel assistance increases odds of matching success dramatically.

How To Become An RVMatchMaker Angel

  1. A frontline worker or RV owner will register with our website to request an RV
  2. While registering, they may give permission to share with RVMatchMaker angels some basic information about why they want to borrow or loan an RV (See video below).
  3. We will create a sharable post when our team receives a new request or offer.
  4. When you see the sharable posts, please share the post in your feed or in a direct message to your network.  ––You’d be surprised how quickly a connection could happen.

Video Explanation

RVMatchMaker angels cannot be a party to any agreements between RV owners and borrowers –– RVMatchMaker angels can only introduce RV owners and RV borrowers. The two parties directly engaged in the agreement (i.e., RV borrowers and RV owners) are strongly advised to do their due diligence by screening potential contract partners before engaging in any agreement.

To Get Started, Visit our FaceBook Group

“Thank you for helping during this epic period in history.”

–Kim Carr, RVMatchMaker Founder