Welcome to RVMatchMaker.ORG!

Thank you for your service to save lives.  We understand the viral burden you are exposed to and the risk you bring home to your loved ones resulting increased stress, medical bills or worse.   We want to help relieve the stress this can cause you. 

RV Match Maker is a team of dedicated volunteers, dedicated to connecting our nation’s frontline heroes with stable, affordable housing solutions.

You can opt to participate in our “RVMatchMaker Angel Program” to help you make additional connections. This process allows volunteers in the community to share posts on social media about your offer for an RV, which will circulate within your region upon your request and permission. This dramatically increases the odds for matching success.

It is important for you to know that RVMatchMaker.org is acting as a Good Samaritan.  No volunteer affiliated with this project is a direct party to any matchmaking agreement.  Please conduct your due diligence to be certain that this is the right fit for you. By participating in ANY MANNER with this website, you have READ and AGREED to the following disclaimer.

We will support you to the best of our ability through every step of the process, ensuring that you have the information you need to build a successful partnership with your frontline hero.  We will also attempt to educate them about caring for an RV and other factors to prepare for success.  Hopefully, you will meet a new friend for life.

Thank you for your service to others!
~ Your Friends at RVMatchMaker.ORG

The process can be categorized into 3 steps.  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Fill out the RV borrower application page. This is a brief 5-minute application about you and your work. (Please note that you will be screened before this valuable asset will be offered to you.)
  2. While you are waiting for platform approval, we recommend reviewing our tips to prepare for success.  In particular, we recommend reading about risk management and consider where you can park it that will be convenient for your use.
  3. After, you may gain access to our members only area to start creating a potential match.  You will be able to do this while protecting your personal information through email messaging.

You may also find our  Answers to Commonly Asked Questions helpful.

If you are ready to connect with frontline workers, you can get started by filling out a the Application for RV Borrowers to join our private matching platform service.