Project – Market Study of Insurance Carriers

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Job Summary

Project – Market Study of Insurance Carriers: You can have a direct impact on the number of lives saved with this COVID containment effort by identifying insurance carriers who will insure frontline RVs being loaned at an affordable rate.  You can do this by finding insurance carriers on a state or regional basis who will insure RVs being loaned to help COVID workers on a not-for-profit basis.  Other related risk management projects are available, depending on availability.

Secondarily, if desired, you can have a role in further identifying and managing other risks.  Insurance should be our last resort to mitigating an incurred loss. We advocate teaching others to be mindful of what they do and say to prevent loss. If this philosophy of educating to manage risk excites you, then you can help a lot of people make better choices in caring for their assets.

Job Responsibilities

In this role, your primary responsibility will be identifying regional insurance companies willing to write a personal policy for named users of RVs, with a strong preference for admitted carriers.

  • Identify at least 3 insurance carriers in each state where we support frontline workers.

If desired in addition to the above objective, you can improve the overall risk management by fine tuning our recommendations for mitigation and educational activities. Much of the groundwork has already be done and can be improved upon in the following areas:

  • Property damage (Wear and Tear Prevention)
  • Screening, Applications and Contracts
  • Communication Policy (Internal/External)
  • Data Management and Privacy Policy


You must have some risk management / insurance knowledge and/or similar experience, so that this opportunity can further your professional development goals.

  • Experience and capacity to understand insurance contract structure and allocation of risk,which includes topics like “Permitted Use” and quantifiable criteria to support underwriting.
  • Strong analytical, research, and problem-solving skills
  • Able to work in a dynamic and fast-changing environment
  • Self-motivated to continuously acquire new knowledge and/or develop new skills
  • Attention to detail and ability to think critically about the task at hand
  • Strong communication skills – verbal and written
  • Self-starter who wants to make a difference
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel)
  • Experience with video production software highly valued (not required)
  • Able to work remotely

Disasters are always a highly dynamic situation, so this position will require flexible thinking, patience when required, tolerance for stress as it arises, and good communication skills.

Time Frame / Compensation

Estimated time for completion is 15-20 hours having the project due 2 weeks after the start date for 2 states that have the greatest need for assistance.

This is a time sensitive project. We reached out to a national carrier thinking they would cover us in all 50 states, and they could not. They recommended approaching state or regional carriers who could be more nimble in smaller markets. We are very time challenged and need help identifying carriers that would like to help.  We believe this will create market awareness and goodwill for any company supporting this effort.

How to Apply

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