Nonprofit launches project to reduce viral spread of COVID-19 for frontline families

RVMatchMaker.ORG can match frontline workers to crowdsourced RVs to protect frontline families from devastating medical bills and even death, as a consequence of their work obligations.  We are now testing the platform in the San Francisco Bay Area before opening it up to the general public.  Please register below if you need an RV.

RVMatchMaker is the first scalable platform to crowd-source RVs to offer to frontline workers to mitigate harm from COVID-19. The wisdom is based on 5 years of California firestorm experience in emergency housing, including the Campfire which destroyed the town of Paradise. While we don’t intend to offer this service in future firestorms, we offered it now because we can save lives. Offering an affordable place to rest peacefully after work would be an immense relief for frontline families, until it is truly safe to go home.

Vaccines can prevent serious illness to recipient, but does not stop spread of the disease. (Read more here.)  We anticipate the need for our platform will exist until herd immunity is reached with 70% of the population possessing COVID-19 antibodies. Until then, frontline healthcare workers risk of bringing COVID-19 home, even if they are vaccinated. We plan to start with assisting people in the state of California and will extend beyond that, if our capacity allows before the pandemic emergency is over.

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There is significant work behind this platform and we think RV Owners will be delighted by the attention detail, and depth of information and expertise.  Remaining content is extensive which includes advice on utilities, zoning, insurance, care of RVs, being good neighbors, as well as detailed suggestions on screening applications and creating agreements.

Our pilot RV for soft launch is in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If an RV is needed, please register using the contact form below. We will contact you to register manually during soft launch. This helps us understand the frontline experience and refine our platform before opening it up for anyone to use. To be clear the population of people we serve is limited to healthcare workers. Our non-profit charter does not allow us to house people who would otherwise be un-housed.

There is significant work behind this platform and we think RV Owners will be delighted by the attention detail, depth of information, and expertise. We have many partners to thank for graciously offering their time and resources and believed in us. We look forward to introducing you to them soon.

COVID is changing lives dramatically everywhere.
We can and should reduce permanent financial harm and death for those serving on the frontlines.

Together we can save lives and create stronger communities.

We wish you well in the days ahead.
~ Your Friends at RVMatchMaker.ORG
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