Why Lend Your RV or Host One?

Vaccination has begun, but the risk still remains for these workers who are subjected to high viral loads, to bring COVID-19 home. We can help reduce their stress and family risk until it is truly safe to go home.

Lending your RV can help frontline workers protect the people they love from COVID-19 at an affordable cost and reduce stress.

  • Improve economic outlook. According to The Brookings Institution, many medical workers finances are being stretched to the breaking point. Most workers already spend over 30% of their income on housing and are also saddled with greater than $100k in student and consumer debt. Providing an RV to self-isolate means that frontline workers are able to pay their bills on time and build long-term savings for their families.
  • Improve mental health and well-being. Having a safe place to self-isolate can have a significant impact on a frontline worker’s mental health. A survey by the New York Times, found that needing isolation housing compounds the stress of their grueling work environment which results in poor sleep and reduced mental health.
  • Improve worker retention/recruitment. According to The Atlantic, 22% of US hospitals do notave adequate staff to support the surge in demand they currently face. By offering frontline workers an affordable secondary housing option, we can reduce potential barriers to accepting employment.
  • Reduce disproportionate impact on economically disadvantaged communities. A study conducted by The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis shows that Black and Latino medical workers often face overcrowded living conditions, causing further viral spread.

RVMatchMaker.ORG is staffed by full-time volunteers connecting RV’s with frontline workers in need of housing. Founded by an experienced RV enthusiast, we understand that your asset is so valuable and that your information is absolutely confidential. Using an approach informed by years of research, we are working around the clock to develop relationships with RV owners and frontline workers.

Together, we can restore hope to our nation’s heroes.

Every moment counts!

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